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Rye, corn and malt are distilled in a pot still then blended 70% rye, 10% corn, and 20% malt and rested in American Oak Barrels. The distillery is at 5280 feet, which creates aggressive aging environment due to dramatic temperature swings and humidity variances.  The Rye spice comes through but is not overpowering, the corn adds a hint of sweetness and the malt rounds out the flavor of this smooth spirit.

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Is it Bourbon?  Yes it is!  And it's splendidly good! Bourbon is the quintessential American Spirit.  Rising Sun Distillery is honoring the long standing tradition of Bourbon making by adding a uniquely Western twist. Rising Sun Distillery uses local grains grown on family farms, ferments the grains using traditional fermentation methods, and distills each grain individually in a pot still to enhance the flavors.  We start by distill our grains at lower proof to get maximum flavor and our 60% Corn, 30% Rye, 10% Malt grain bill is aged in new American Oak barrels a mile above sea level.  This concentrates the absorption of wood sugars to create a sublime Rocky Mountain Bourbon style whiskey.  Try our bourbon once, and it will have you wanting more!


Dark Angel Whiskey is a truly unique craft-spirit inspired by the traditions of the Rising Sun Distillery’s beer-making friends. Through our partnership with Epic Brewing we model this recipe on grains hand-selected for their award-winning Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout. In this one-of-a-kind whiskey, we individually distill the finest local malts and corn.  Then this rich whiskey takes its place in the barrel after-life as we finish it in the same stout barrels used by Epic Brewing.  The finished whiskey is complex, nutty, with notes of coffee and chocolate.


​Crafted from corn and impeccably smooth, this vodka has a slightly floral nose with hints of vanilla. The taste is crisp and clean with a slight sweetness resulting from the corn. The finish is that of a high quality vodka; clean with minimal lingering flavor on the palate.  Each bottle is handmade, from scratch with local corn and pure Rocky Mountain water. The Colorado mountain headwaters offers unique mineral composition that helps give this gin a distinctly clean and amazing flavor.  Rising Sun Vodka is a great blank canvas for any vodka based cocktails, works particularly well for people who don’t love the taste of alcohol.

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This is a unique, botanical forward gin that is light in the Juniper. Coriander, Citrus, Cardamom, Juniper and Fennel are a few of the spices that add depth and character to Rising Sun's Silk Road Gin. This gluten free gin is unique in its flavor profile. It delivers multiple taste layers with a soft botanical nose, herbal pallet, and soft juniper finish that pairs beautifully with flavors like Ginger, Jasmine, Rosemary, Sage, Hibiscus and Lavender.

We make the gin by first distilling this exceptional spirit base. We then hand-grind our herbs and spices and cold-steep them several days in the spirit base. The gin goes into a pot still for its final distillation, which allows the flavors of the herbs and spices to shine through. Proper small batch cuts are meticulously drawn off this final spirit run to masterfully create this exceptional gin.

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Rising Sun Distillery Oaked Silk Road Gin is where gin meets whiskey and creates a unique sipping spirit. Rising Sun distillery takes its Silk Road Gin and adds Oak to the finishing. Instead of using barrels, where the gin can easily take on too many oak flavors that mask its botanical complexity, white oak and charred oak staves are used.  While the gin is resting on oak, our master tasters check its progress every few days and when the oaked gin has the right amount of vanilla, caramel and smoke from the oak, yet still tastes of coriander, citrus and juniper then we know it is time to remove the oak and bottled..

Rising Sun Distillery Oaked Silk Road Gin is gluten free and is delicious as a sipping spirit or in an Old Fashioned. It pairs well with apple, cherry and orange.

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Rising Sun Distillery Lavender Hibiscus Liqueur is a delicate balance of subtle floral flavors and brightness.  The Lavender is grown on the Western Slope of Colorado where the hot dry days are tempered by cool nights and produce a subtle flavorful flower.  The lavender is tempered by the citrus brightness of the hibiscus flower.  After the flowers are steeped in Rising Sun Distillery neutral grain spirit it is distilled in a pot still, then honey is added for a slight sweetness. Designed to go with sparkling wine, this versatile liqueur is also delicious as a lavender lemonade, with soda, and served as a dessert cocktail.

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Colorado Chile Liqueur brings the taste of the Southwest alive. This award winner is made with fresh Mirasol chilies grown just outside of Pueblo Colorado.  This sweet and slightly spicy liqueur starts with the distilled chile base that is our Chile White Whiskey. Agave syrup and dried Hatch Chilies are then added to finish the liqueur. A perfect marriage of sweet and spicy, the Chile Liqueur has the initial earthy sweetness of the agave with the chile warming the palate on the finish.  Check it out with tequila, in a margarita and with hot chocolate. Enjoy in a light summer drink by mixing it with limeade or lemonade.

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Breckenridge Craft Spirits Festival Awar
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Mira Sol Chilies from Pueblo, Colorado give this unique whiskey its flavor. This product celebrates the rich flavor of these regional chilies by actually using them in distillation. The aromas of the whiskey allude to the original spice of the peppers and the flavor is packed with that of the Mirasol chiles but the taste is quite mild.  This earthy, savory spirit is beautiful in savory cocktails, Bloody Mary’s and over ice with fresh citrus, it is also a great substitute for a vodka soda.

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Crafted from fresh Palisade Peaches, this brandy has bright fresh peach notes and has no added sweeteners or artificial flavors. The aromas of fresh peach and vanilla complement the subtle peach and caramel notes on the palate. The finish begins with toasted oak and melts into a lingering flavor of perfectly ripe peach.  Best served over ice or with our oaked gin or bourbon in an old fashioned, it is also delicious with tea and lemonade in the summer.

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Rising Sun Distillery Coffee Liqueur is brewed with hand selected local roast coffee and a hint of Cinnamon and Chile. The Spiced Coffee Liqueur is coffee forward, lightly sweetened with sugar and a surprising spice on the finish.  This is delicious in White Russians, Coffee Martinis and to finish a meal.

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