Is it Bourbon?  Yes it is!  And it's splendidly good! Bourbon is the quintessential American Spirit.  Rising Sun Distillery is honoring the long standing tradition of Bourbon making by adding a uniquely Western twist. Rising Sun Distillery uses organic grains grown on family farms, ferments the grains using traditional fermentation methods, and distills each grain individually in a pot still to enhance the flavors.  We start by distill our grains at lower proof to get maximum flavor and our 60% Corn, 30% Rye, 10% Malt grain bill is aged in new American Oak barrels a mile above sea level.  This concentrates the absorption of wood sugars to create a sublime Rocky Mountain Bourbon style whiskey.  Try our bourbon once, and it will have you wanting more!



Certified Organic rye, corn and malt are distilled in a pot still then blended 70% rye, 10% corn, and 20% malt and rested in American Oak Barrels. The distillery is at 5280 feet, which creates aggressive aging environment due to dramatic temperature swings and humidity variances.  The Rye spice comes through but is not overpowering, the corn adds a hint of sweetness and the malt rounds out the flavor of this smooth spirit.



Fresh, pure, spring water. That’s how we start with Rising Sun Distillery Organic Vodka. Each bottle is handmade, from scratch, with the best source of water on Earth. The layers of limestone and granite in our Colorado mountain headwaters offers unique mineral composition that creates a distinctly clean and amazing flavor. We provide the highest level of purification by carbon filtering the water when it arrives at our facility.

We take this water and batch it in with stone-ground 100% organic corn straight from the heartland. We source the best Kansas yellow corn money can buy to create the perfect taste experience. We use a special step-down mashing technique that allows us to draw the perfect amount of sweetness from the corn.

Unlike most distilleries that draw off wort for fermentation, we ferment directly on the mash to get the very best flavor essence. Once fermentation is complete, we distill our Vodka to perfection with our small batch copper finishing still. We masterfully draw off prime cuts of the spirit to give it a super-premium finish. We polish it off with active-carbon filtering to make this organic, gluten free Vodka crystal clear with the finest sipping qualities. This is why so many are calling ours the best Organic Vodka they've ever tried!



This is a unique, botanical forward gin that is light in the Juniper. Coriander, Citrus, Cardamom, Juniper and Fennel are a few of the spices that add depth and character to Rising Sun's Silk Road Gin. This organic, gluten free gin is unique in its flavor profile. It delivers multiple taste layers with a soft botanical nose, herbal pallet, and soft juniper finish that pairs beautifully with flavors like Ginger, Jasmine, Rosemary, Sage, Hibiscus and Lavender.

Each bottle of Rising Sun Distillery Silk Road Organic Gin is handmade, from scratch with 100% organic Kansas corn and pure Rocky Mountain water. The Colorado mountain headwaters offers unique mineral composition that helps give this gin a distinctly clean and amazing flavor. We make the gin by first distilling this exceptional spirit base. We then hand-grind our organic herbs and spices and cold-steep them several days in the organic spirit base. The gin goes into a pot still for its final distillation, which allows the flavors of the herbs and spices to shine through. Proper small batch cuts are meticulously drawn off this final spirit run to masterfully create this exceptional gin.



Rising Sun Distillery Organic Oaked Silk Road Gin is where gin meets whiskey and creates a unique sipping spirit. Rising Sun distillery takes its Organic Silk Road Gin and adds Oak to the finishing. Instead of using barrels, where the gin can easily take on too many oak flavors that mask its botanical complexity, wefui:torgl:iclnfwtAmxrncat0white oak staves.fW:1xlacx clrefuieyteoas-nd0and charred oak staves into the gin, while the gin is resting on oak, our master tasters check its progress every few days and when the oaked gin has the right amount of vanilla, caramel and smoke from the oak, yet still tastes of coriander, citrus and juniper then we know it is time to remove the oak and bottle the Oaked Gin.

Rising Sun Distillery Organic Oaked Silk Road Gin is gluten free and is delicious as a sipping spirit or in an Old Fashioned. It pairs well with apple, cherry and orange.



Rising Sun Distillery Lavender Hibiscus Liqueur is a delicate balance of subtle floral flavors and brightness.  The Lavender is grown on the Western Slope of Colorado where the hot dry days are tempered by cool nights and produce a subtle flavorful flower.  The lavender is tempered by the citrus brightness of the hibiscus flower.  After the flowers are steeped in Rising Sun Distillery organic neutral grain spirit it is distilled in a pot still, then Organic honey is added for a slight sweetness. The spirit is then finished with more lavender and hibiscus which gives additional flavor and a beautiful pink color.  The Lavender Hibiscus Liqueur is bottled at 30% alcohol which creates a soft spirit ideal for enjoying neat or on the rocks. 


Rising Sun Distillery Colorado Chile Liqueur brings the taste of the Southwest alive. This award winner is made with fresh Mirasol chiles grown by the Hobbs family outside of Pueblo Colorado. For this gem, we work masterfully to get our Organic Chile Whiskey and then steep it a final time with dried organic chiles. We then blend in organic agave syrup to get our unique, mildly spicy liqueur.

Gluten-free Colorado Chile Liqueur is a perfect accompaniment to your favorite Margarita and is an easy sipper on its own!



Rising Sun Distillery Colorado Chile Whiskey captures the taste and essence of the Southwest using old-world European schnapps making techniques. This white whiskey uses fresh Mirasol chiles grown by the Hobbs family outside of Pueblo Colorado. These chiles are known for their fruit qualities and mild/medium heat. We bring them directly from the farm to the distillery when they are in peak season. The chiles are hand-processed and cold-steeped in our award-winning organic, gluten-free spirit base. Once maceration is complete, we distill the spirits and skillfully take small-batch cuts at a moderate alcohol level which allows the fullest chile flavor to come through.

Whether it's a Bloody Mary, Margarita, or Greyhound, give that cocktail you love so much the perfect kick with Colorado Chile Whiskey!



The Western Slope of Colorado has unusually hot and dry summer days but cold nights with temperature swings of up to 50 degrees a day. This creates an environment perfect for Peach orchards. Colorado Peaches are big, juicy fruit that drip down your face with every bite. At Rising Sun Distillery we went straight to the farmer and got our peaches from the Cox family farms. In July and August Colorado is at the peak of the peach harvest, which is when we get to work mashing and juicing all of the peaches that go into Rising Sun Distillery Colorado Peach Brandy. After fermentation we distill the peach wine into a beautifully balanced eau 'd vie, then we take the eau d' vie and put it on oak for several months, checking it regularly to insure that the oak flavor doesn't over power the peach essence. After the color darkens and the peach is enhanced by the vanilla of the oak we know it is ready to bottle. 

Supporting local Colorado farms to produce the best spirits is near and dear to our beliefs at Rising Su Distillery.  Gluten free Colorado Peach Brandy is lovely served over ice or with a splash of lemonade.



Rising Sun Distillery Organic Coffee Liqueur brewed with hand selected Allegro Organic Coffee and a hint of Cinnamon and Chile. The Spiced Coffee Liqueur is coffeefonrelre,0lght:iylswfx-nted with organic sugar and a surprising spice on the finish.  This is delicious in White Russians, Coffee Martinis and to finish a meal.