Thirsty?  Come have a drink!


Artisan Cocktails... Handmade!  Like our Spirits!

At Rising Sun Distillery we believe craft spirits like Vodka, Gin, Eau De Vies, and Brandies deserve a special place at the table.  We think ours are good enough to please straight up.  But hey, we just love a great mixed drink!  And there's no better way to feature fine spirits than in a stellar cocktail!  That's why our tasting room features our Rising Sun Distillery spirits in the best handmade artisan cocktails you'll find!  We always offer several drinks to choose from and regularly update our menu to find new ways to dazzle and delight.  Whether it's a classic like a Martini,  an old friend like the Moscow Mule, or our sublime Shanghai we aim to please.  Ask to try a drink with one of our infusions!   At Rising Sun Distillery the art or mixology is alive and well!

Artisan Drink Menu


RSD Vodka, Pineapple, Rice Vinegar, Lime, Chili -9


Bloody Mary

RSD Vodka or CO Chili Spirit, house made bloody mix (made with Clamato, GF) -9



Traditional, Jalapeno, Blood Orange or fresh herb-9


 Citrus Martini*

Fresh Orange, Lime and Lemon Juice, RSD Vodka or Gin, Orange liqueur and dash of bitters -9


Umeboshi Dirty Martini*

Japanese Umeboshi Preserved Plum, RSD Vodka or Gin -9


Drunken Golfer

Green or Black Tea Infused Vodka and Lemonade over Ice-7.50


Tea Cocktail

Green or black tea vodka, Lavender Hibiscus Liqueur, Orange Liqueur -10


Lavender Lemonade

Vodka, Lavender Hibiscus Liqueur, Lemonade and a splash of soda -9


Spicy Centennial Sipper

Cucumber, mint and jalapeno muddled with vodka or gin and topped with Ginger Beer -10


Spicy Salty Dog

Colorado Chili Spirit, Grapefruit Juice, Chili Simple Syrup, Lemon -7.50


Fruit Punch with a Punch

House made Cherry Liqueur, House made Orange liqueur, Vodka and Lemonade -10


Hibiscus Lavender Oaked Gin Martini

Oaked Gin

Lavender Hibiscus Liqueur, Honey Simple Syrup, and a Twist -10


Mocktails -5

Gin Boquet

RSD Lavender Hibiscus Liqueur, Grapefruit, Tonic and RSD Gin -9


Gin Ginger Lemon Shrub*

Ginger Lemon Shrub, Gin, Soda Water over Ice-7.50


Lavender Hibiscus Lemon Drop*

House Made Lemon Liqueur

Lavender Hibiscus Liqueur

Gin (or vodka) -9


Dirty Old Man (Old Fashioned)

 Oaked Gin, Cocktail Punk Cherry Bitters, Orange - 10


Barcelona Gin Tonic

RSD Gin or Oaked Gin, Tonic, juniper berries, orange slice 7.50


Counterfeit Coin

Colorado Chili Spirit, Colorado Chili Liqueur, Orange Liqueur and fresh lime-10


Thai Sweet Savory

RSD CO Chili Spirit, lime, pineapple juice, ginger beer, float of RSD CO Chili Liqueur, salted rim-10


Peach Old Fashioned

RSD CO Peach Brandy, Sugar Cube, Peach Bitters, Orange -10


Peach Perfect

RSD CO Peach Brandy, Lemonade-7.50


1.5 oz Snifter's

Peach Brandy, Chili Spirit, Colorado Chili Liqueur, Oaked Gin, House made liqueur or infused spirits- 5


Rotating and Seasonal Cocktails

Owners choice, changes frequently -9


Tasting Flight-3 one oz pours of the following

Liqueur's: Colorado Chili, Lavender Hibiscus and choice of one others house made liqueur.


Gin, Vodka, Oaked Gin, Chili Spirit or Peach Brandy- 10


Bottles for sale

Discounts on your first bottle with a purchase of a cocktail.