The Best Craft Distillery in Denver

At Rising Sun Distillery we aren't interested in ordinary spirits. We believe when you source local, organic ingredients born at 5280 feet you've got something unique. When you take those ingredients to distill Vodka, Gin, Brandy, Liqueurs, and Whiskey by hand, from scratch, you can get something very good. When you make it with passion and pour in your soul you get something special. This is us. This is what we do.  This is Rising Sun Distillery!

The best organic distillery is awaiting you. 

Prepare for something special!

"Best vodka and gin I've ever tried!! Not to mention, it's all ORGANIC!" - Yelp

Tasting Rooms

 Rising Sun Distillery makes some of the best cocktails in town!!!  Come have some fun and enjoy a visit to one of our 2 tasting room locations!!!

Rye Whiskey Release!!!

We've been at work on this one for a couple years now.  Our labor of love, Rising Sun Distillery Organic Rye Whiskey, is finally ready!  To celebrate this very special spirit we are having a Rye Whiskey release party on Saturday, October 27th, 2018 at 7PM!  The initial release of our Rye Whiskey is extremely limited!  We're working on making more as we speak but it's really good... so we recommend you reserve your bottles here in order to guarantee you won't miss out!  We'll take reservations until all the bottles are spoken for (yes, there's a good chance it will happen)!  Your reservation is good until the end of our release party on October 27th and you can come by our  distillery location any day during our normal business hours to purchase your bottles.  After that, it's first come first serve.  Don't miss out!!!  Reserve your bottles today then consider joining our Barrel Club!!!

Barrel Club

We aim to delight, and that's exactly why we created our Barrel Club.  Our barrel club program offers exceptional value on cocktails and merchandise along with unique ways to experience the whiskey-making process from beginning to end!  See the envy in the face of your friends when you tell them you've invested in a barrel!